Monday, November 3, 2008

HELLLLPPPPP, I can't seem to master the technique

I can't get it for the life of me, I tried so many different ways, I even tried to edit with an awesome website called shout out to TanishaRenee I LOVE THAT FLIPPN' SITE!! I can't seem to take a digital photo my my layouts and post them online, perhaps I am being too picky about angles and stuff, but I spend lots of time on my layouts and want them viewed the best way possible. I stopped my search for a flatbed scanner that would enable me to scan 12x12 layouts, couldn't find an affordable one (affordable = damn near FREE) so now my search begins for a flatbed color scanner that can scan at least 11x17. I have sooooo many layouts to post but can't seem to master the technology I have to do so. Any suggestions??????


TanishaRenee said...

It took me a while to get it and sometimes the photos still come out crappy. Just share...we'll understand!

What I usually do is put my LO on the floor, near an open door or window, stand over it and snap several photos. I look in my viewfinder to make sure I can see the entire LO and that it looks pretty straight...then I use picass to make little changes like color and cropping.

Hope this helps!

Can't wait to see your work!

retta519 said...

Try buying a cheap picture easel at the Dollar that'll hold an 8x10 photo. Put your layout on the easel...but behind your a 12x12 piece of cardboard (so your layout doesn't curl)...and like Tanisha says...take a picture by a window during the day, so the light shines in. I don't use a flash. If you can take the picture outside..that may even be better. I always try to surround the easel and layout with a light background (I place several pieces of white cardstock behind and in front). That may help give a bright picture. Then download to Picassa and edit it there. Good luck!

scrapNdiva said...

Thank you ladies, tomorrow I shall start mastering the technique once I get that easel.