Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holiday School Picture

Xavier - November 2008 - Toddler Room
He must really want to show off his Sesame Street New Balance Sneakers, why else would he hold up his pants leg? trust me, it wasn't the socks :)

Passionate about my Christmas Tree

For years, I've been collecting ornaments to put on my tree. I use my sharpie and write the year the ornament was purchased, it's nice to read the years on them as I put them onto the tree. I collect expensive and inexpensive ornaments. I take my time and wrap them each into it's own piece of tissue paper and carefully place them in their bin. My ornaments have been deemed UNTOUCHABLE and everyone knows that - well everyone except Mr. Xavier - although he has learned NOT to touch them, there are those rare times when his "I'm only 1" memory tends to kick in to full gear. I think next year I'll get him his very own 4ft tree so he can leave "my" tree alone - YES I'm worse than that mean ole' Huxley from Elmo in Grouchland when it comes to my ornaments. But just like Elmo, Xavier does not fear that mean ole' Huxley and it shows by the joy TOUCHING MY ORNAMENTS gave him - he didn't even care that I was taking pictures of him. Gotta love this kid

Uhm, yes, he's trying to get this Elmo ornament off the tree and has been trying since I put it on there.
Here are my absolute favorite place to buy ornaments from, the holiday shoppe is closed for the season but you must check them out next year - especially the day after Christmas when the prices are 75% off - SWEEEEET!

Sugar Sweet Corn

I created this layout in 2003. As I was thumbing through one of my scrapbooks I came across this page. I remember this day as if it were yesterday. Our cousin "Mya" wouldn't go to anyone of the ladies in the yard. We couldn't remember if she seen my DH before or not, she went to him with no problem, I was able to capture this shot without them knowing and I think it's the innocence of the picture that I love the most.

Please Don't - Page layout

I love this picture of Xavier, it's one from when we were in North Carolina. Here's what was done:

Printed 5x7 on printable canvas

Printed 4x6 picture on glossy paper AND printed it on transparency, used 3D foam to layer the transparency over the glossy pic and trimmed, when you look at it, it really has that 3D effect.

I cut out the flowers from the top half of the scrapbook paper and used 3D foam to layer it over the existing bottom half of the paper as a border.

The "Please and Don't" were typed using MS Word, printed on transparency and adhered to the scrap used for the border and cut out.

I suffered from "scrappers block" when it came time to fill in that huge blue piece so I added layers of flowers and I think it made a difference, it fits right in as if it were planned from the beginning.

The "Please Don't Poem" was one I found on-line while searching for inspiration. It just made so much sense to me. I can't wait until Xavier is old enough to read it and understand. This was a fun layout to do. Hopefully it started my scrapbooking ignition that has been unable to start for a while. Enjoy

Please hand me a diaper

So, I asked Xavier to hand me a diaper, I guess I had to be a bit more specific, I should have said "hand me the first diaper on top of the stack of 80 diapers" I think that would have been much better. He literally pulled E.V.E.R.Y diaper out of his stacker, he was so busy that he didn't realize I was taking his picture. And to top it all off, he NEVER GAVE ME A DIAPER! When I did get his attention, he clapped his hands and with excitement said "YEAH MIKEY" Too adorable for words.

Friday, January 9, 2009

So you think it's a bike?

Santa Hawes purchased this alphabet caterpillar learning toy for Xavier as a Christmas gift, he absolutely loves it, I think it's one of his favorite gifts yet. Funny thing though, he thinks it's a bike, YUP ya read it right, a bike - he tries to ride it as if it will take him places. Who knows, perhaps it will. Check the length, it's not that long and yet he can stradle it, he'll even pull the string as if it's a horse and screams WHEEEEEE as he goes NO WHERE.

It's been a while

Well I'm not going to say I've been too busy to update this blog, I will say that I just didn't make the time to do so. So much have gone on in the past two months, way too much to post so I'll just post the good stuff pictures included.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rollin' N Bowlin'

Xavier received the cutest little tyke bike for Christmas, SWEET - he loved it, I don't think he understood what the purpose of this "push" bike was. Soon you'll see, he made his own use for it.

He also received Silly Six Pins, I love this bowling game (truth be told, I got it for me:) he really didn't get into this bowling game yet, but there is still time.

So, with his love of the bike and his like for the bowling, he decided it would be best played if he......dunnn dunnnn dunnnnnn



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Monday, November 3, 2008

HELLLLPPPPP, I can't seem to master the technique

I can't get it for the life of me, I tried so many different ways, I even tried to edit with an awesome website called shout out to TanishaRenee I LOVE THAT FLIPPN' SITE!! I can't seem to take a digital photo my my layouts and post them online, perhaps I am being too picky about angles and stuff, but I spend lots of time on my layouts and want them viewed the best way possible. I stopped my search for a flatbed scanner that would enable me to scan 12x12 layouts, couldn't find an affordable one (affordable = damn near FREE) so now my search begins for a flatbed color scanner that can scan at least 11x17. I have sooooo many layouts to post but can't seem to master the technology I have to do so. Any suggestions??????

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone

Today was a very special day for me, Xavier participated in his first Halloween Party and Costume Parade at daycare. He was the cutest spider EVER! A true sport for keeping that hat on the entire time and you can tell he enjoyed himself as he was always happy.

I've gone through so much to get this baby that today wasn't just about celebrating the occasion, it was about ME finally having my OWN child to celebrate with. Don't get me wrong, I love my nieces, nephews and cousins that I've celebrated with for years, but this year was different as I chose the costume, and we (me & mr. scrapNdiva) were there for OUR child. It doesn't get any better in my world. Although he didn't eat any of the food during the party, he did entertain the idea with finger play with the jello. Here are a few photos of Mikey and his classmates.

On another note, after the parade at daycare, we took Xavier to the mall for some trickORtreating. It was so nice seeing all the different costumes. I began to get a bit emotional because I am taking my son store to store - One of the best days of having Xavier.

I'm speechless now and about in tears, tears of joy!!!