Saturday, January 10, 2009

Passionate about my Christmas Tree

For years, I've been collecting ornaments to put on my tree. I use my sharpie and write the year the ornament was purchased, it's nice to read the years on them as I put them onto the tree. I collect expensive and inexpensive ornaments. I take my time and wrap them each into it's own piece of tissue paper and carefully place them in their bin. My ornaments have been deemed UNTOUCHABLE and everyone knows that - well everyone except Mr. Xavier - although he has learned NOT to touch them, there are those rare times when his "I'm only 1" memory tends to kick in to full gear. I think next year I'll get him his very own 4ft tree so he can leave "my" tree alone - YES I'm worse than that mean ole' Huxley from Elmo in Grouchland when it comes to my ornaments. But just like Elmo, Xavier does not fear that mean ole' Huxley and it shows by the joy TOUCHING MY ORNAMENTS gave him - he didn't even care that I was taking pictures of him. Gotta love this kid

Uhm, yes, he's trying to get this Elmo ornament off the tree and has been trying since I put it on there.
Here are my absolute favorite place to buy ornaments from, the holiday shoppe is closed for the season but you must check them out next year - especially the day after Christmas when the prices are 75% off - SWEEEEET!


TanishaRenee said...

your tree was beautiful!

Days like These! said...

You know DJ would be right there with Xavier too! HaHa.