Saturday, January 10, 2009

Please hand me a diaper

So, I asked Xavier to hand me a diaper, I guess I had to be a bit more specific, I should have said "hand me the first diaper on top of the stack of 80 diapers" I think that would have been much better. He literally pulled E.V.E.R.Y diaper out of his stacker, he was so busy that he didn't realize I was taking his picture. And to top it all off, he NEVER GAVE ME A DIAPER! When I did get his attention, he clapped his hands and with excitement said "YEAH MIKEY" Too adorable for words.


TanishaRenee said...

Uh Oh, I think I'm in trouble...I'd forgotten that those little cuties turn into little busy bodies! Too funny!

Days like These! said...

Yeahhhh Mikey! You're a champ! I love it ;) HaHa...Ok, NOT funny for mommy but, your cuteness factor is off the charts, you get a pass!

Rett said...

Your little guy is just too darn cute! I love that you have an Xavier Did What?!